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Centre for Catalan Studies

The Centre for Catalan Studies at Queen Mary, which was opened on 6 March 2006, has been established with support from the Institut Ramon Llull to promote and consolidate Catalan studies research in the UK, taking advantage of Queen Mary's prominent position in the field.

The Centre will contribute to the institutionalisation of Catalan Studies in British universities, to its reproduction as a discipline through the training of new researchers and through the strengthening of links between Catalan studies researchers coming from a variety of disciplines (from linguistics to sociology, from literature to political science, etc) in the UK, Catalonia, the EU and the US.

The Centre will further UK Catalan Studies' interdisciplinary orientation, by promoting research with a strong theoretical grounding so that it may intervene in today's big debates in the humanities, around issues such as subjectivity, identity and representation; gender and sexuality; globalisation, national identity and linguistic/cultural diversity; intercultural communication; high/mass culture, etc. We wish to vigorously promote the cross-fertilisation between the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Catalan language, culture and literature has long constituted part of Queen Mary's curriculum within the Department of Iberian and Latin American Studies, which forms part of the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film. As one of the most prestigious languages departments in the United Kingdom it is well ahead of the national average according to tables published in the last Research Assessment Exercise. Queen Mary is one of the only two universities in the UK where there is a post dedicated exclusively to Catalan studies.

The Centre will take advantage of London's key position as an international meeting point to develop exchanges between Catalanists from the UK, US, Catalonia and EU, as well as creating synergies with other Universities in the capital, where research in Catalan is conducted, or may be developed in future.


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Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Institut Ramon Llull, sponsors of the Centre for Catalan Studies. The mission of the Institute is to promote Catalan language and culture internationally, in all of its varieties and forms of expression.

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